Ch.1: The Newcomer

"Our first story is a tale of mistaken identity. Of a poor, young, recluse trying to live a... mostly normal life, with not so normal abilities. Unfortunately for him, life stops getting normal real fast, and he'll soon find himself in a place he never expected..."
Dec 21, 2019Pg.1.0
Dec 21, 2019Pg.1.1
Dec 28, 2019Pg.1.2
Jan 04, 2020Pg.1.3
Jan 11, 2020Pg.1.4
Jan 18, 2020Pg.1.5
Jan 25, 2020Pg.1.6
Feb 01, 2020Pg.1.7
Feb 08, 2020Pg.1.8
Feb 15, 2020Pg.1.9
Feb 29, 2020Pg.1.11