Ch.1: The Newcomer

"Our first story is a tale of mistaken identity. Of a poor, young, recluse trying to live a... mostly normal life, with not so normal abilities. Unfortunately for him, life stops getting normal real fast, and he'll soon find himself in a place he never expected..."

Ch.2: The Welcome Wagon

"Continuing where we left off, Volken, our unlucky survivor, finds himself farther from home than he thought. Things don't seem too bad in the.... mostly friendly town of Carmine, but even a peaceful town like this one has its share of troubles..."

Ch.3: The Iron Maiden

We now meet Meri, the assistant doctor for a rundown clinic, who has a bit of her own... interesting mystery surrounding her. When the opportunity to both save the clinic and delve further into her foggy past arises, will she find what she's looking for? ...Or is there something to be said about "curiosity killin' the cat"?

Ch.4: The 10 Million Chip Man

"Next we have the tale of Rosso, an infamous man with a 10 Million Chip bounty on his head, who's made the Lostland, and its local bounty hunters into his playground. The fun and games all end, however, when Rosso gets a bit too nosy and discovers an interesting secret leading to the greatest incident in the Lostland's history"