5/10: Post Chapter Break Coming

Hello, all! Hope you all thoroughly enjoyed Chapter 2: The Welcome Wagon!

Now that Chapter 2 is finished, it’s time for the brief break before the next one. The plan so far is to catch up with a ton of reformatting for other platforms(Webtoon is done, Insta is hopefully next) After that:

-Updating the Cast Info on the Main site
-Making new banners for the next chapter(Gotta match with the next MC coming up )
-Look into a “secret something” a few readers have been asking about(mystery~~)

After all that is done, we can get straight into the next chapter! This one’s one of my favorites, and I’m positive you’ll like it a lot too!

Expect to see Chapter 2’s bonus page, and *maybe* a few more extras, should things go right. That’s all for now though, again, thank you a million times for reading and sticking with LOSTLAND! You guys make this risky reworking not only possible, but so much work taking the plunge.

See ya next update, Lostlanders!