5/12: Chapter 4 Progress Update

Goood morning, Lostlanders! Just doing a well needed update over here!

The new page buffer for LOSTLAND Chapter 4 is still coming along! Not as quickly as I’d like, but I’m making progress, no need to worry!

As for the slow down: a change in work site pretty much tanked a chunk of time I would normally use for drawing, so a good amount of time was spent trying to rearrange myc schedule to make more time. Fortunately, I’ve managed to work out a pretty nice situation, the rest just relies on me not procrastinating too much ^^;

At this point though, we’re getting steadily getting back into the swing of things and grinding out more page work! I’ll be keep you all up to date monthly here, BUT if you want a regular play-by-play, with WIPs included, LOSTLAND is much more active over on twitter @ https://twitter.com/LostlandComic

Hope to see ya over there, as well as here!
Thank you all for sticking by as I work out these first 15 pages. Take care now!