12/26: Chapter 4 In The Works!

Merry (Post) Christmas, Lostlanders! Hope you were all able to relax and enjoy the holidays!

Just some quick news to keep everyone in the know:

-Chapter 4 is in the works RIGHT NOW!

I’ll be working on the first 15 pages of the chapter. I’m extending the buffer this time, so we don’t run out, like we did last chapter.

Do bear with me while I get back into gear, long break has got me a bit rusty. BUT, so far, the new pages are looking great! I wanna make a good impression on you guys on my way back, so I’ve cranked things up a bit! That, and my art has been improving quite a bit these days ^^

Can’t wait to show you how much things have leveled up, I’ll do my best as I get back on track here!

See ya next update!